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The "Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft" (BVDW) in Germany has established rules to protect the users of online dating services against fraud. The so-called S.P.I.N.-Index("Reputable dating sites on the net") is something like a code of honor, a self-regulation on the part of providers. Important criteria: seriousness in terms of the contract, as extension cord and -cancel, transparency in data protection and singles of scams. The Code was discontinued for lack of interest of dating sites. Many (most) Dating sites had no interest to provide the customer consumer protection so strongly to the fore.

Delbara filled with pride those placed there regulations. They are as follows:


1. Transparency, trust and security are the maxims of our actions. We use them consistently in the configuration of our services and in the interaction with our users in order.

2. We are responsible for the education of our users. We are committed to provide easy to understand and easy-to-find information that explains who we are, how our services work, what conditions of use apply and the measures we employ for data protection.

3. We ensure that users are always informed about the status of their membership in our services. Procedures for premium memberships and their extension are easily communicated recognizable and unmistakable.

4. We are limits on "subscription traps" and other dubious contractual practices. Contracts for premium memberships come about only through a unique and active consent by the user. Tacit extensions to maturities that are longer than the initially acquired are excluded.

5. We guarantee our users full cancellation and withdrawal, of course, with no hidden costs. We are committed to make the termination process for our users transparent and simple, and refrain from using artificial termination obstacles (for example, the exclusive termination fax to overseas numbers). We act solely under German law, the jurisdiction of our company is Germany.

6. The notice period is to our services maximally seven days. We say, to accept written cancellations at least two contact paths, one of which in each case covers the area of ​​digital communication.

7. We attach great importance to safety in online dating. We commit ourselves to prevent fraudulent or criminal misuse of our platforms by third parties consistently and track. We check every member profile and take all measures in order to, as soon as possible to detect and remove profiles that were created fraudulently can.

8. In order for our users to always inform what abuse dangers and how to protect themselves against, each Code-partner for its user information that explain in detail about the subject "security in partner search on the Internet".

9. Our commitment to this Code, we bring in a uniform S.P.I.N. logo expresses that we place clearly visible to our sites and services.

10. We direct the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V. (BVDW) together the body which monitors compliance with the code continuously in self-control. Code violations are sanctioned in accordance with a list of penalties jointly agreed. (This point is omitted because the index has been adjusted total)

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