Delbara Association. International marriage forum for Persian worldwide


Delbara Association (the biggest international group for marriage of Iranians and Persians around the world), is a Facebook group and has more than 21,000 members. Delbara aims to bring together Persian and Farsi-speaking people worldwide to marry. Delbara provides help and support to find your counterpart worldwide. Anyone who is a member of Facebook can join the Delbara group on facebook. The members of the Facebook group "Delbara" can publish their marriages in a post / posting on the Facebook group. Each ad must include at least the name, age, and place of residence. More information is better. The commentary is closed on the Delbara Facebook group! Delbara is completely free.


-) More than 21,000 members

-) Largest/biggest international community of single Persians and Iranians

-) More than 400 people have been found here since 05.2016

-) More than 14 people have met and married here since 05.2016

-) One of the safest groups on Facebook - extremely strictly controlled!

-) Absolutely free




اطلاعات مهم از کانون دلبرا

لطفا درخواست پول٬ بی احترامی٬ عکس های بی ادبانه٬ یا کلا موارد مشکوک را به مدیر رپورت کنید


لطفا در پروفایلتان کاربران ازاد را بلاک نکنید. الان تمامی اعضا ازاد هستند و شما دیگر دیده نمیشوید

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