In Iranian prisons turned prisoners are screened by visiting prohibition of any external contacts. An initiative wants to ensure that these will be able to get iran-chat with their families via persian chat contact.


Iran wants to enable chat between prisoners and their families, according to an adviser to President Hassan Rouhani via online connections. "This is especially true for prisoners who visit prohibition have", the news agency ILNA said, according to the consultant for civil rights, Elham Aminsadeh, on Saturday. Thus, the families could at least know about chat, how are the prisoners Aminsadeh said.

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The initiative will indicate having being discussed with the judiciary and prison authorities and with the Telecommunications Ministry.


In Iran prisons there are still some prisoners with visiting ban. Among them are also political prisoners and is under suspicion of espionage Iranians with dual nationality.


Since the beginning of the term of President Ruhani 2013 is spoken in Iran repeatedly over reforms in persian prisons. From the infamous Ewin Prison in the north of the Iranian capital Tehran soon a park should be. Also soon to the "prison of Großteheran" outside the capital will be completed.  If somebody like to meet single people from iran, he can visiti delbara.com. The new prison is to provide the occupants with the opportunity to prepare for a crime-free life



اطلاعات مهم از کانون دلبرا

لطفا درخواست پول٬ بی احترامی٬ عکس های بی ادبانه٬ یا کلا موارد مشکوک را به مدیر رپورت کنید


لطفا در پروفایلتان کاربران ازاد را بلاک نکنید. الان تمامی اعضا ازاد هستند و شما دیگر دیده نمیشوید

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