With a high divorce rate among a large, iranian community, Iranian authorities have to play in graded Amor with the existence of a governmental Farsi-online-dating.

Around 22% of Iran Women for Marriage among Iranians end in divorce - a rate that is even higher in the capital Tehran.

The vast majority occur between Persian Sinmgles under 30 - the age group that makes up most of the population of the country. It is a statistic that is worrying officials.

Announcing the plan at the beginning of this year, Mahmoud Golrazi, the deputy minister of sports and youth, he said, create new page "100,000 persia marriages" would help hoping and thus "solve the problem of marriage among Iranian-Girls-Persian-Boys


It was a bold statement, but a sign of the government's determination to reverse the trend.

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The new page is as hamsan.tebyan.net and is run by the Islamic Development Organization, an institution under the supervision of the Supreme Leader, which promotes the Islam Marriage way of life.

It is in tebyan.net, integrates an Islamic lifestyle portal, now love life his public catering.

is Hamsan.tebyan.net run of about 100 people and although it is currently in Tehran Love only in operation, there are plans to other Iranianpersonals cities to expand.

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اطلاعات مهم از کانون دلبرا

لطفا درخواست پول٬ بی احترامی٬ عکس های بی ادبانه٬ یا کلا موارد مشکوک را به مدیر رپورت کنید


لطفا در پروفایلتان کاربران ازاد را بلاک نکنید. الان تمامی اعضا ازاد هستند و شما دیگر دیده نمیشوید

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