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Due to the Islamic rules and a strict moral police young Farsi girls and Persian Boys in Iran who know little opportunity someone and prefer to get to know about Persian Dating site. To forestall immoral offers, Iran is now planning its own iran dating site.

The Islamic Iran plans to launch its own dating portal for iranianpersonals. In the planned by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Portal pairs must however have marriage intentions, Deputy Minister Mahmud Golsar.

Due to the Islamic rules and a strict moral police especially young Iranian Girls and Persian Boys   know few ways someone. Those that do so anyway, risking at every farsi-dating, among other things a hefty fine.

Too many immoral nongovernmental Dating Sites

Therefore prefer many farsi singles to get to know about Farsi Dating and Iranian Flirt online on the Internet. According Golsar there 300 such Iran Marriage Site, but which are considered immoral and illegal. Therefore, his ministry planned to launch a separate for Marriage.

In addition, there is due to insufficient education in schools before and after the wedding several issues among young iran girls and iran boys. Again, try the Ministry about counseling centers nationwide young iran community to help, said the Vice Minister.



اطلاعات مهم از کانون دلبرا

لطفا درخواست پول٬ بی احترامی٬ عکس های بی ادبانه٬ یا کلا موارد مشکوک را به مدیر رپورت کنید


لطفا در پروفایلتان کاربران ازاد را بلاک نکنید. الان تمامی اعضا ازاد هستند و شما دیگر دیده نمیشوید

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